About LYXO

What is LYXO?

LYXO is an innovative and high-quality new hairband made from unique elastic fiber material. The material is gentle on hair, gives you a perfect and long-lasting hold and it won’t cause uncomfortable pinching.
The distinctive material used in the construction of LYXO hairbands means the utmost in durability and flexibility. They glide easily through your hair without tangling or pulling. Available in 9 colors: clear, brown, black, pink, green, orange, baby pink, grey and baby blue. Suggested retail price: 4.95 Euros for a 10 pc. box

How to use LYXO hair bands?

When using a LYXO hairband for the first time begin by first stretching it. This allows the band to expand to its normal shape and size. After every use your band will return to this size so it’s always going to remain a perfect fit. Your LYXO hairband can be used on hair that’s both wet and dry, easily gliding without tangling.

Thanks to the unique construction and color of the LYXO bands they’re not only comfortable and pain-free, but they also naturally blend with the look of your hair.
Once you discover LYXO hairbands you’ll never go back to using other hair accessories.

Where to buy LYXO hair bands?
You can buy LYXO hair bands in selected stores and online web shops. Please email or call your country agent or our head office for retailer details and a list of retailers carrying LYXO.