LYXO Color Box

LYXO: Soft, comfortable and comes in modern, beautifully-designed packaging. In order to open your exciting new LYXO product simply peel off the sticker located at the bottom, slide the card out and remove a hairband. You can then slide the card back into its packaging.

The slim, streamlined design of the box means your LYXO hairbands will be a perfect fit in your purse, sports bag or overnight/toiletry bag. You’ll never have to frantically search for a hairband again.

LYXO is designed for everyone—whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional or a parent looking for a hair product that provides what you need.

LYXO is not only used but also recommended by everyone from famed athletes to elite hair stylists, and it’s also be used in a number of Denmark-based TV and media productions.

What sets LYXO apart from other hairbands?

Many of us have tried it all when it comes to hairstyling products in the search for one that’s not only going to provide a strong hold that stays put throughout our busy days, but also one that’s comfortable and stylish.

Have you experienced a normal hairband that loses elasticity and no longer does what it’s supposed to? What about one that leaves your scalp and head aching after being in all day?

LYXO hairbands are the ideal solution with their flexibility and long-lasting-yet-comfortable hold. When you’re ready to take your LYXO out it gently slides away from your hair without tangling or pain.

It features a high-quality, strong hold and a wide variety of color options, which is ideal whether you’re walking the catwalk or just want a great day-to-day hairstyling tool. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your LYXO will stay in place, and many of our color options aren’t even visible for a natural, chic look.

LYXO Facts:

  • made from unique elastic fiber material
  • no harmful substances added
  • glides smoothly and easily through hair
  • available in 9 colors
  • no pinching or tangling
  • versatile and can be used in wet or dry hair
  • durable and flexible design
  • maintains a long-lasting hold
  • suggested retail price only 4.95 Euros